Warning sign

Veszélyjelző tábla Emergency table / (00003824)

Dimensions: 23cm width x 58 cm height

Net price: 13.45€
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Vészjelző tábla Wet floor sign / (FHB034)

Wet floor sign

Net price: 18.98€
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Biztonsági jelző oszlop Pyramidal wet floor sign / (S210410)

Accident-prevention conical signal made entirely of plastic, recyclable, to inform passers-by of the risk of slipping due to the presence of liquid on the floor. The signal is indispensable for all operators working in busy environments or public places.

Net price: 61.09€
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Biztonsági jelzés Lamp for pyramidal floor signal / (S010350)

Intermittent red warning lamp for cone signals, to be placed on the top in a specific hole. The casing is made of plastic and is completely waterproof to allow outdoor use, it has a button for switching on and off and works with two 1.5 V batteries.

Net price: 68.51€
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